Legal shed collection may have set seasons and may require a permit. In addition, to further protect the Gunnison sage-grouse, the new regulations include a time-of-day closure in the Gunnison Basin May 1 - 15 from sunset to 10 a.m. [CDATA[/* >*/. Through scouting, you can locate these hotspots and be on track to pick up the majority of the antlers on a property.  Looking for antlers in bedding cover is best done late in the day when deer vacate known bedding cover to visit food sources. What Is A Carbine? Glass the field using an 8- or 10-power binocular looking for antler tips or shiny spots of white. Shed hunting is basically a hunt for antlers. The penned bucks, not expending testosterone, kept their antlers up to two months longer than their party brethren free to breed. These breeds lead the pack today for shed hunting duties, but hunting breeds such as German shorthairs, Weimaraners, English pointers and others can easily transition into shed antler hunting with targeted training. However, the best dogs to train for shed hunting are: ​​So, now that we've fully answered the question, "What is shed hunting?" But whether you’re a hardcore bone hunter or just someone who likes to get out and walk the land, there are some guidelines you should follow. By Bob Humphrey, Mark Kayser and Jake Meyer with excerpts from the GameKeepers Magazine. */ Walk circles around the first one, and you'll more than likely find the other in no time. But for those that maybe haven’t quite jumped off the deep end yet, I wanted to provide a short introduction. Of course, wild whitetails seldom live in a perfect world. Barely peeking out of a fresh crust of snow, two tiny tines were reaching out toward the sky. Generally, larger, dominant bucks that do the most breeding drop their antlers earlier in the winter than younger bucks kept out of the bedroom. Simply enough, shed hunting is the search for antlers. Well, yes, you do want to look hard for the antlers, but it's important not to look too carefully. As the days near closer to a buck losing his antlers, they loosen up. If you think about the chasing, the fighting and the staying on their feet during both daylight and nighttime hours that bucks do, by the time a buck reaches the post-rut, he’s tired, beat-up and doesn’t want to fight. That includes antlers from caribou, moose, elk, and deer. Reasons to work hard in the late winter, spring and summer to find white gold vary from person to person. Picking a south-facing slope that gets a lot of sunlight is a great place to start. Mature bucks can be hard to find late in the year and always. Shed hunting is simply searching for antlers that have fallen off of whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, and other antlered species usually in the late winter to early spring. Planning shed hunting excursions in March and April coincides with the period when the majority of bucks will be antlerless. [CDATA[/* >*/ However, if the snow and cold come early it tends to concentrate deer into yards, making shed hunting easier. The first big meltdown in February, after it rains, is a great time to go as previously hidden sheds are revealed. Remember, just as the best deer hunters look not for a deer but for parts of a deer, the most successful shed hunters should look for tines, beams and the general shapes and colors of an antler. Some dogs have a natural instinct for it while others can be trained. If you're trying to find antlers in one specific spot, you might miss them sticking out of another place. This could lead to a bad habit and chaos if you have any decorative, landscape antlers lying outside of your house. Once you find a shed, definitely be excited and celebrate. One important fact to remember is that deer are vocal 12 months out of the year. They have incredible sense of smell. Come February and March, camo-clad guys and gals flood the woods with binoculars, backpacks, and good boots—all hoping to catch a glimpse of … Shed hunting has become so popular that guided week-long “shed hunts” in prime areas can cost $2,500 or more with food and lodging included. Deer lose their antlers every winter, and antler obsessed hunters hit the woods every spring to find those sheds before squirrels and other critters them up. Sounds like an easy task but there is an art to it. I don’t rattle during the post-rut. Others conjecture it is just nature’s way for bucks to revitalize after the demanding breeding season. Shed hunting has numerous benefits, like economic gain, the thrill of the hunt, and gaining valuable information for hunters. ST. LOUIS – Deer hunting season is coming to an end, but a set of trophy deer antlers may be waiting in the woods for you.This time of year, bucks begin to lose their antlers. ​If you're a seasoned hunter, looking for an activity to do during the hunting off-season, you may want to look into shed hunting. A wide variety of dog breeds are successfully used for this purpose. /*-->

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